Game & Watches!

Adobe Illustrator-made original Nintendo Game & Watch modules. Not real, but could be!

Bison Bits

Logo-design, packaging, and display for a line of bison-based snack meats.

Magical Potions

Status potions for a fantasy RPG setting with distribution, marketing, and quality control.

Fortune Cookies

Proposal for a line of fortune cookie fortunes, with a visual hook using Chinese folk gods.

Stinky Arnold's

Sardine packaging with attitude and unappealing name.These aren't your daddy's tinned sardines!

Dollar Store Dungeon

Inexpensive role-playing game supplement to be sold cheaply.

Packwood Power Tools and Supplies

Building components for the home DIY-er, sold in fine hardware stores!

Super Mario Kool Aid Packets

Imagining a past where artificial flavoring packets ran with the Mario Bros.

ASOIAF Seed Packs

Plant seed packets inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire books By George RR Martin.

Hogg Sweat Beer

A working-class craft brewery with an unappealing name, and lots of charm.

The Haunted Hill

A vast packaging & branding project, with physical mockups, for Halloween!

Linendoll's Brewing

My phony brewery built around a neat packaging concept for craft brewing.

Sontuosita Pizza

Imagining a realistic niche pizza brand, and having fun with packaging.

Delish Shisha

Packaging and identity for a brand of hookah tobacco.

Robbins Acrylic

Packaging for an phony acrylic paint line.

Kheer We Go

Packaging mock-ups for a (sadly) fictional on-the-go dessert.

Lotto Tickets

A project to recreate realistic scratch-game tickets for Minnesota State Lottery.

Pagliacci Makeup

Originally a restuarant branding idea, that took on a life of it's own...