My one real vice these days is occasionally smoking shisha tobacco from a hookah (I know, I know, smoking's bad, and I need to knock it off eventually). For those who aren't familiar with shisha, it's tobacco and flavoring (usually fruit) mixed in honey or molasass, which is heated by live coals above a small tank of water. In theory, it's safer than traditional forms of smoking (but that's debateable, and probably not true).

Anyhow, a project I gave myself was to develop a phoney brand of shisha that would be unique and eye-catching, while also maintaining a brand consistancy across the board (a modular colour scheme, bold descriptors, and equally bold graphics).

Because I enjoy crafting prototypes (and work at a printshop that allows me to print personal projects off the clock), I took my packages out into the real world, to give an idea of how these would be displayed at local tobacco shops.
A thank you to Mourado's Tobacco in Columbia Heights, MN, for letting me photograph in their store during retail hours.

Shish Photos: image 1 0f 3 thumb Shish Photos: image 2 0f 3 thumb Shish Photos: image 3 0f 3 thumb

And not forgetting the usefulness of promotional swag, I mocked-up some examples of tchotchkes that distributors and retailers could use to increase brand-awareness and loyalty.

Shish Swag: image 1 0f 5 thumb Shish Swag: image 1 0f 5 thumb Shish Swag: image 1 0f 5 thumb Shish Swag: image 1 0f 5 thumb Shish Swag: image 1 0f 5 thumb

Finally, this marquee displays all 16 flavors of Delish Premium Shisha.

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