My name is Steve Robbins, and this is my website and portfolio.

In my art, I pursue a balance between old-world craftsmanship and digital refinement. With any project I am working on, I approach it with creativity, curiosity, commitment, and communication. Aside from my day job, I draw and design on a freelance basis. If you like what I do, I enjoy opportunities for finding creative solutions!

These are some new projects I've been working on. Click on these to get a closer look:

Allied  Concert  Flyers

Concert flyers I've designed for Allied Concert Services, which promotes music events nation-wide.

Settlers   of   Catan

I love Settlers of Catan, and this is a developing project to bring it into the "real" world


Work done during a summer internship in 2014. Animation and design!


I made a fake Nintendo Gameboy box, manual, and cartridge sticker. A fun experiment in packaging!

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