Linendoll's  Brewing

A fake brewery built around a neat packaging concept

Pangaea   Station   RPG

I wrote a role-playing book. It takes place underground, and involves Molemen...

Steve  Robbins  Acrylic

A demonstration of graphic design, of an invented paint called "Steve Robbins Fine Art Supplies Acrylic Paint."

Kheer   We   Go

Packaging mock-ups for a (sadly) fictional on-the-go dessert.

NE   Minneapolis   Flag

Development and proposal for community-strengthening flag and symbol.

Delish   Premium   Shisha

Packaging and identity for a brand of hookah tobacco.


I made a fake Nintendo Gameboy box, manual, and cartridge sticker. A fun experiment in packaging!

Settlers   of   Catan

I love Settlers of Catan, and this is a developing project to bring it into the "real" world

Lotto  Tickets

A project to recreate realistic scratch-game tickets for Minnesota State Lottery.