Irregular Encounters

Adventure hooks for tabletop RPGs, presented in booster packs!

The Haunted Hill

A vast packaging & branding project, with physical mockups, for Halloween!

Linendoll's Brewing

My phony brewery built around a neat packaging concept for craft brewing.

Allied Concert Programs

Concert programs I've made on the clock at work.

Sontuosita Pizza

Imagining a realistic niche pizza brand, and having fun with packaging.

UKMD Passport

A detailed passport for a speculative future where the USA fractured.

Pangaea Station

I wrote a role-playing book. It takes place underground, and involves Molemen...


A fake Nintendo Gameboy box, manual, and cartridge sticker.

Delish Shisha

Packaging and identity for a brand of hookah tobacco.

Halloween Tapes!

I gave myself a week to put together a sort-of zine about Halloween sound effect audio tapes.

Robbins Acrylic

Packaging for an phony acrylic paint line.


The incredible history of the American football league that time forgot...

Kheer We Go

Packaging mock-ups for a (sadly) fictional on-the-go dessert.

NE Minneapolis Flag

Development proposal for community-strengthening flag/symbol.

Lotto Tickets

A project to recreate realistic scratch-game tickets for Minnesota State Lottery.


Work done during a summer internship in 2014. Animation and design!

Settlers of Catan

I love Settlers of Catan, and this is a developing project to bring it into the "real" world

Pagliacci Makeup

Originally a restuarant branding idea, that took on a life of it's own...