Over the summer of 2014, I had an internship with Bōbiam, a company that makes cell phone cases, mugs, shirts, and other neat products using art made by artists 18 years old and younger. (they went out of business, sort of, in late 2014. However, apparently they reconstituted as something unrecognizable about a year later)

Much of my duties were vectorizing artwork for these products.

This is an example of what I would construct. This illustration is now one of Bōbiam's best selling designs.


In addition to preparing work for production, I also put together training manuals and presentations. Click here for PDFs.


A side business for Bōbiam was called Ionic Ape, which was sort of a graduation for Bōbiam artists after they turn 18. We also made cell phone cases and mugs for other organizations and schools. Click here for PDFs.

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These are some shirt concepts designed and illustrated to highlight the advantages of Ionic Ape.

One of the more interesting projects I did near the end of my internship was design a character for a mobile device game Bōbiam that was projected to be published in 2015 (the business being taken out to the shed had hung that project to be bled out). I also animated sprite assets:

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