For Halloween 2019, I decided to give more than just candy to local Tricker Treaters, by way of a little 8-page booklet with a little sweet taped to the back. Jokes, puzzles, a piece of age-appropriate Creepypasta, and a recipe for something gross that could be made in any kitchen. There's four distinct versions, so grabbing one at random might be different for one kid to the next.

I have plans to sell packs of 24 through a yet-to-be-made Etsy shop, so this is a sample that wouldn't be printed and available!

Note: I coded this, but don't quite understand the scripts enough. So you might need to adjust your browser window .

A photo montage of constructing a batch, as well as a montage detailing the Dracula booklet. Not clearly pictured, but existing, a Frankenstein Monster, a Mummy, and a Werewolf.

Halloween Booklet Details: image 1 0f 2 thumb Halloween Booklet Details: image 2 0f 2 thumb

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