Early in the panic during the beginning of early 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, I went to a grocery store to get supplies (and felt genuine animosity for every single person around me). One of the things that hadn't been snapped up at the time was a shelf of sardine tins. Even in quarantine, I guess some have barbaric standards? Oh well. More for my family!

As I stared at the tins I bought, I thought, genuinely, "could I make this packaging more appealing?" and "what would be a disgusting name for brined fish?" I'm not sure, but it was a fun little challenge!

Details of packaging and labels.

tinned-fish: image 1 0f 4 thumb tinned-fish: image 2 0f 4 thumb tinned-fish: image 3 0f 4 thumb tinned-fish: image 4 0f 4 thumb

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