Before I started working on Punch-Out Editions, I made this, an RPG supplement that could be sold very cheaply on an economy of scale, at places like Dollar Tree (a store where everything only costs $1).

I go into it a little more poetically on the Punch-Out Editions page, but the basic gist is the only games that they sell at places like this are either super old classics like Dominos or Chess/Draughts, or cheap, unimaginative trifles clearly telegraphed to only be enjoyed by children.

So something like this could be sold at places like these, which have such a diverse clientele from all socio-economic walks, and get more people interested in playing role-playing games, which require more imagination than complicated rulesets (i.e. free).

These sets have a little writing ahead of time, but are mostly intended to be one-drafts, using stock images (which I did for the boxes- I admit I’m not good enough of a painter, so I’ve ashamedly pulled other people’s art as a placeholder), and simple rules inspired by Teenagers From Outer Space. All a GM has to provide is a set of 6-sided dice, maybe a pencil, and the creativity to use the provided story as an outline for a fun evening of fighting monsters and the evil machinations of upwardly-mobile nobles.

Feel free to download A9, which takes place in the frozen country side of Icewinter, and involves Yehtis! Share them, if you like, just please keep the spot illustration and writing attribution to me.

Rules Book

Character Sheets


Paper Minitures

Detail of one of these boxes, unassembled. Featuring French for possible Canadian distribution.

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I don't read French well, so that translation is provided by Google Translate.

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