I enjoy the idea of mundanity in a high-fantasy medieval adventure setting. Like, the daily grind of everyday life being infused with practically-applied magic so integrated into everything that it ceases to be, you know, magical.

To that end, I've been writing a high-fantasy medieval adventure setting for just that.

Here, the idea of quality control, marketing, and inter-continental distribution has given rise to corporations who provide a reliable, consistent product for adventurers, sold with the economics of scale to cost maybe 20 silver coins, instead of bespoke/boutique potions made by small mom and mom shops, which, while probably being more powerful, might be made by witches who've gone senile, with no younger generation to learn the craft, would sell it for 50 gold pieces, and be potentially quite unreliable.

Details of packaging and labels.

Potions: image 1 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 2 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 3 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 4 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 5 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 6 0f 7 thumb Potions: image 7 0f 7 thumb

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