This is a proposal for the format and stylization of fortune cookies for local Chinese buffets:

  • 5 specific categories of fortunes, symbolized with a Chinese god: Guan Yu (assertive decision making), Guanyin (interpersonal relationships), Yu Huang (strategic decision making), Caishen (money), and Tudigong (practical household advice).
  • Broad, "standard" fortunes, but with an Asian Zodiac animal to indicate what birth year it is most effective for.
  • Unique backs, which are randomized. Some examples could be: learn a useful Chinese phrase (instead of just a noun), parts of a large picture, or mahjong tiles. Not featured in this current collection: etiquette tips, music recommendations, and short-form comics like "Old Master Q".

Note: The marquee takes a moment to begin the cycle.

Details of packaging and labels.

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