Steve  Robbins  Fine  Art  Supplies ™:

a leader in the field of fine art and design. With over 50 colors, our heavy bodied acrylic paint is exceptionally smooth and fine, made from only the richest, purest pigments; it will give the artist the best experience with bright mixes, creamier brush strokes, and glazes.

Taking our cue from the craft brewing movement in the Twin Cities, we started Steve Robbins Fine Art Supplies™ in northeast Minneapolis in 2012. Starting out in a modest duplex, our mission statement was to formulate the best oil paint from only the best pigments available, and let the quality speak for itself. Less than two years later, we expanded our line to include watercolor and acrylics, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

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Steve Robbins Fine Art Supplies™ is a project developed to showcase invented and innovative packaging design for [primarily] acrylic paint tubes and set boxes, as well as display racks and some advertising and marketing collateral. Please enjoy.