Recently, on an archeological dig in unspecified Europe, scientists uncovered trace evidence of a long-forgotten battle over holy objects. A battle took place many uncounted generations, well before the Dawn of Early Society, and was fought between Man and Orc nearly 42,000 years ago. This discovery has shaken the foundations of history! Piecing the scant few clues that can be interpreted, scientists have been painstakingly re-creating these battles, and now it’s your turn.

Remember: history will be written by winners.

Pictured: How academics believe the war looked like. Pretty sweet, huh?

Orc-Magnon is a war game that simulates the (fictional?) battles between pre-contemporary humans and orcs. It is free to download, modify, and play. It requires a single 6-sided die, two sheets of paper, and a cunning mind willing to out-think your opponant!