Included with the game are a set of 6 mini-comics done in the style of Vaughn Bodē, which highlight some of the game mechanics.

Comics: image 1 0f 6 thumb Comics: image 2 0f 6 thumb Comics: image 3 0f 6 thumb Comics: image 4 0f 6 thumb Comics: image 5 0f 6 thumb Comics: image 6 0f 6 thumb

Please feel free to expand the world of Orc-Magnon through your own comics- email me at: orc-magnon [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll gladly post them here. Keep in mind: Orcs in the world have slime green skin, yellow eyes, pointed ears, and prominent lower tusks. Both sides have females fighting along side males (because drawing sexy female cave women with weapons is pretty exciting).

I've drawn the human characters as caucasian skinned, but that's not a requirement, especially if you decide to set Orc-Magnon outside of Unspecificed Europe. There are no magical, mythical creatures, because the Age of Mammals (mega-fauna) yielded some monsterous creatures already!