This section is little projects that are more than one image (series, multi-page comics, paintings). Enjoy!

Bert's Wake

As a goof, I drew some pages of a story; Bert of Sesame Street had died of old age. I then expanded it.

Grover's Mom

Another in possible series of dark, realistic Sesame Street stories for adults.

The Simpsons

For a while, I had aspirations to work for The Bongo Comics Group. Do you think I could?

Irish Comics!

The highlights of work done while on a semester abraod in Ireland.

1777, My Senior Project

I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Comic Art. This was my senior project.

Comics from College

Selection of comics drawn while attending MCAD. Primitive, but inventive.


I've given up trying to figure out what this was bourne from. NSFW. Seriously.

FuncoLand Diary

Memories of a former used game retailer. Where did I think I was? FuncoLand?