A Flexible-System
Role-Playing Sourcebook

Deep under the earth’s surface, gigantic machines work around the clock to push the continents back together to reform the super continent of Pangaea back together. But it’s hardly an easy job when you’re surrounded by monsters...

In 2007 or 2008, my friends Taylor, Jp, and Shea invited me to be part of their delightly weird video-art project: three men stuck in a gigantic machine whose sole goal is to push the world continents back into Massive Super-Continent Pangaea.
I fell in love with the concept, and a few years ago, decided to turn it into a role-playing universe (with their blessing). You can download the main sourcebook and a ready-made adventure here:

Design: image 1 0f 3 thumb Design: image 2 0f 3 thumb Design: image 3 0f 2 thumb

Main Book file size: 9mb   |  Adventure Book file size: 600kb

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